Ploopy Classic Trackball

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20 Nov 2023, 05:18

Hello guys!

I have stumbled over this open source Ploopy Trackball, that is reminiscent of that old Microsoft Trackball Explorer (which I never used before). And I was wondering if there are trackball users here who have used it already. :)

If so, how do you fare with it in comparison to your other trackballs?

As for me, I have been using trackballs for more than 15 years due to CTS. Of all the trackballs I have ever had in use so far the Kensington Slimblade is my favorite in terms of ergonomics. While it's my favorite for browsing and work, it's not ideal for me as to playing FPS and RTS games. For this purpose I have tried several of the finger-operated Elecom trackballs, which do work better.

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