next gen mouse


25 May 2015, 05:08

this is the next gen mouse we have all been waiting for

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Gotta start somewhere

25 May 2015, 05:17



25 May 2015, 11:33

I tried it once a couple of years ago, didn't like it. It felt flimsy. Too light and didn't track well. When you moved your hand to it, the fingers did not naturally fall on the mouse buttons so you would have to look for them each time.
Not enough like a regular mouse, and not enough like a pen.

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Offtopicthority Instigator

25 May 2015, 11:42

It's a FAIL gen pen. :D

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16 Nov 2015, 10:22

I think this company is a scam. They sell a cheap scissor switch board for $110 and call it "ergonomic." And their "professional typist compact ergonomic keyboard MK1" is the same cheap Chinese board as Zalman KM-500, Armageddon StrikeEagle and many other clones.

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