Razer Deathadder Chroma Scroll Wheel Rattle

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30 Jan 2016, 17:59

I have a Razer Deathadder Black Edition purchased several years ago. It is still going strong, but I am looking for a duplicate to replace a mouse on another workstation. It seems that that DA Black Edition is no longer in production.

After trying several other mice and rejecting them for various reasons (these included the Ducky Secret Mouse, Mionix Castor, and Mionix Naos 7000), I decided to try the latest Razer Deathadder, the Chroma. I like the size, shape, and switches, but the scroll wheel rattles, especially when rolling the wheel away from me (scrolling up). My original Deathadder Black Edition has a quiet scroll wheel.

Subsequently, I have found several reports online of scroll wheel rattle in the DA Chroma.

Does anyone here have recommendations for mice that are similar to the DA, but with a scroll wheel that does not rattle?



02 Feb 2016, 23:09

Zowie EC1-A or the smaller Zowie EC2-A

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06 Feb 2016, 19:27

I've looked into the Zowie mice. The EC1-A looks like the right size for me. Unfortunately, they have been having issues with their switches. For the new 2016 models, they changed from Huano to Omron, but these were producing double clicks so they recalled all of the 2016 mice. They are going to revert to Huano and reissue the mice perhaps in March. Another problem with Zowie is that it is not possible to turn off the LED in the scroll wheel.

Lately, I have been looking at mice from Asus, Corsair, Cougar, EVGA, Logitech, Mionix, Razer, Roccat, and Steelseries. Although it is possible to find something to like from each of these companies, all of the products have problems and there are no clear winners.


07 Feb 2016, 12:03

Well, i know what you are going through. The Deathadder or the Zowie Mice are not perfekt, but no matter how many mice i try and like (for a while) - I always keep getting back to the Deathadder/Zowie. Probably because of their form factor.

Currently i am rocking a Logitech G602 - strange mouse (lloks) but still pretty good - First wireless with a long battery life that i can recommend for gaming.

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07 Feb 2016, 16:20

@quint: I've been tempted by the Zowie EC1-A, but I haven't tried it yet. Like you, I seem to have found the [nearly] ideal form factor in the Razer DA.

I've also been tempted by the Logitech 602, but I prefer to have a wired mouse. The Logitech g502 keeps coming up as the favorite in several reviews, but it looks too much like a horned lizard to me. Even so, I might eventually give it a try.

Yesterday I received two more mice for testing -- the Corsair m65 RGB and the Razer Mamba TE.

The Corsair deviates the most from my usual form factor, but I rather like it. The mouse is built on an aluminum frame and it feels very solid. There are no rattles when pressing any of the switches, and the scroll wheel is very quiet. I was most doubtful about the "sniper button" in the thumb area, but I find that I do not press it without intending to do so and it actually comes in handy for zeroing in on a small area and making fine movements.

The Mamba TE has the familiar form factor and weight of the Deathadder. The scroll wheel is fairly quiet. The right-click switch is a bit louder than the left-click. When moving the thumb to activate the side buttons, there is a bit of rattle and ping that I don't get with the Corsair m65. Before now, I have avoiding installing the Razer Synapse software, but it became necessary with the Mamba TE in order to turn off the seizure-inducing pulsating rainbow of LEDs. To my surprise, I actually like the software! It is highly intuitive and effective, unlike the Corsair software, which is confusing.

It is evident that the solidity of Razer's mice is not what it was several years ago. The Mamba TE is supposed to be a premium mouse, and it is rather good, but it does not feel as solid as my original DA Black Edition.

Based on my tests thus far, I would say that the ideal mouse for me would be something with the form factor and switch configuration of a Razer DA with the solidity of the Corsair m65.


06 Mar 2017, 17:52

You might want to try the new Razer Deathadder Elite.

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06 Mar 2017, 18:53

belowgeek wrote: You might want to try the new Razer Deathadder Elite.
Thanks. The DA Elite is on my list to try.

Since starting this thread, I have tested 15 or so mice, and my favorite thus far is the Steelseries Rival 300.

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