RollerMouse - your opinions?


11 Apr 2017, 00:25

As for me it is very handy. if someone know how to use it properly he will have much better experience!

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08 Jan 2019, 23:12

It's a nice addition to my desk setup. However, it mainly acts as wrist rest as using trackballs is more more convenient to me.

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11 Jan 2019, 15:56

Using it for a while now (carpal tunnel!) and it works really well even with my wrist brace. Can really recommend it. And forget about the wireless, use the USB cable (if you get the wireless RollerMouse you can do wireless or USB!).

I'm thinking about getting the optional elbow-length wristpad which looks to me that it works great for standing desks.
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24 Jan 2019, 05:31

You all have got me very interested in getting a roller mouse now. If any of you still have one you are willing to sell send me a pm.

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