CST L-TRack best trackball ?


13 Feb 2013, 23:41

What I like about the slimblade is that half the ball is exposed from the base. I find this gives a really tactile experience for both pointer movement and scrolling. I haven't had any DPI issues, having said that I'm not a gamer.


14 Feb 2013, 14:50

woody wrote:Slimblade has dynamic resolution, so you can hunt pixels at slow speeds and be able to cross the screen in a flick.
Or, you know, maybe you've just got pointer acceleration on.

Count Troller

15 Feb 2013, 14:29



20 Mar 2013, 14:10

I bought a Kensington SlingBlade from Amazon. This is my first trackball so I had no way to compare and don't know what is normal or not.
The ball was almost hard to roll. I understood it was a defect when I noticed that horizontal movements where easier than vertical movements.
Removing the ball, I found that one bearing was missing. The ball was therefore rolling against the plastic enclosure :-(

Under the SlingBlade, one can find 4 rugged feets and one circular rugged at the center of the unit that serves as a foot as well.
A second defect on that unit was that the large circular foot was prominent and therefore, the SlingBlade was not staying correctly flat on the table but was toggling from left to right.

I sent back the unit and must say that Amazon service is Amazing in those case. I got the replacement unit within days.

The second unit has all bearings and stays stable on the table.

I'm still a bit questionning if such trackball should have inertia. I mean : if I want to 'send' my cursor from my first screen to my second screen, should I be able to roll the ball and release it so it continues rolling until I stop it with my hand ? Or is this like in my case: the ball stops 1/2 second after I release it even if put a little more energy to it ?

So in facts, I'm a bit concerned by the Kensington bearing quality.

Do you have any experience with the SlimBlade and the CST ? Do I have another defective unit ?

I can test it for a month (remains 2 weeks) and send it if I'm not satisfied.
I should buy a CST and compare it myself but leaving in Belgium, I can't find it easily.

Your comments are MORE THAN welcome.


21 Mar 2013, 15:25

I don't want to sidetrack people from zorglups's question but I'm also (like the original comment) tempted and nervous regarding the CST trackball...

Most people seem to agree that it's a good piece of kit but a few reviews from new purchasers are making me delay my purchase: specifically, new users seem to complain a) that it's very lightweight and cheap-feeling and b) that the ball doesn't have equal resistance in all directions.

I'd be interested as to what the experienced CST users make of these complaints. Is it just lightweight for its size but still solidly made? Will it jump about on my desk? And does the ball roll smoothly in all directions once the hardware is "run in", or is it something you have to get used to in return for a larger ball and higher DPI?

I'd really appreciate any comments. I've never regretted the purchase of a high-quality, expensive keyboard, despite my initial reservations about them. Will I get the same feeling about a good trackball vs. my current rodent-of-choice (the Logitech Marble Mouse trackball).

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06 Apr 2013, 16:52

I have a cst 3200dpi for one year now, used daily 10 hours a day.
It works fine, the sroll is not so smooth but the overall feeling is good, and it'a always a pleasure to use it :-)
It's quite heavy, it doesn't slide around and the buttons are very responsive, so does the scrolling wheel.

I don't regret buying it.


06 Apr 2013, 22:36

I've had a CST trackball for over a decade (from back when they were still called "Microspeed") and I think it's one of the best trackballs. The main problem I have is that the rollers are occasionally rough (& debris causes "snags", forcing you to roll the ball fast to clear it)- far more often than the CH Products DT225. I've switched to the DT225 as my main trackball because of this.


02 Mar 2017, 14:59

I've bought a CST L-Trac back when there was a massdrop on the things, but only started using it recently for CAD stuff. :D Anyway it's a pretty awesome device, the only problem I have with it is the position of the middle button. I wish it was placed in a thumb-reachable position.

Anyway, question... My L-Trac has the auxiliary button sockets. Anyone have experience with how those can be used, and what kind of switches they expect (momentary close or momentary open - I'm hoping I can use a keyswitch for it)...

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