Any good websites for cool large deskpads ?

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29 Apr 2018, 23:13

Hi folks 8-), I'm looking for some good looking large design deskpads like those:
- Olivia Deskpad GB
- Cherry Mx Pattern
- other super awesome ones ? :D

Oh, and did somebody already bought from guy ?
Seems to be pretty cool to make our personnal stuff but I wish to get some feedback before diving into it. :D

And and yeah, I can of course buy some on Aliexpress, the quality seems to be pretty OK. But eh, if somebody have a top notch creative one, I'm totally in ! ;)

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30 Apr 2018, 03:12

There are several on Amazon us... perhaps try searching on your amazon?

An example: ... 01LBFYKU8/

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30 Apr 2018, 08:49

There are a couple of types of desktop pads. The first is basically a light sheet 2/2.5mm thick, borders are stitched and they usually come with a fancy design. The print is generally rather low quality and with low contrast. This kind is good is you want to 1) protect your desktop 2) decorate your desktop.

The second type is 3/3.5mm thick, soft and the texture is definitely better. This kind actually helps with mouse movements and also makes typing more comfortable. The drawback is that it creates a 3-4mm step that it's not always comfortable on your forearm. They usually come with sober design (all black with a logo or something like that).

There are also those made of faux-leather but I don't recommend them.

You can easily find them on Amazon or hardware/gaming websites like caseking.

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30 Apr 2018, 12:17

Piggybacking to ask if there are any similar mat materials that could be cut to size to fit a custom keyboard try flush to the edges?

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30 Apr 2018, 12:33

Ooooh, matt3o himself ! :D
I'm more into the light ones, I rather decorate it with a custom one (anime, abstract or landscape nature) or don't put anything on my desk and let it naked.
THICC ones are not my thing.

On a side note, I bought a Whitefox & just sorbothane'd my Nightfox this morning, it's sounds awesome now.
Your KB are awesome dude, thanks again ! <3

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