Multi-application programmable mouse


02 May 2018, 21:20

I own a Logitech G700s mouse for my Windows 7 desktop and love it. I have a job that requires 6 applications, used simultaneously. The main reason why I chose this model is because I can assign button commands and save them in a profile for each application. The Logitech software (firmware v45.7) switches profiles on-the-fly when I switch from one open application to another. Incredibly convenient!

Most gaming mice with several programmable buttons only works with one application (the game).

I will soon be buying a W10 laptop and would like to buy another G700s, but I cannot find it on Logitech's website. I'm assuming it's discontinued.

Does anyone know a comparable mouse that provides on-the-fly, multi-application functionality and that it is compatible with Windows 10? It doesn't necessarily have to be Logitech, but I'm so used to it. Thanks so much! :D


04 May 2018, 23:52

Application-aware remapping is always done in host-side software and can implemented in 3rd party software like AutoHotKey.

That being said, I've found Logitech and Roccat mice to have probably the best software and especially firmware out there.

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