With the RollerMouse RE:D, how many people here game with them?


06 Jun 2018, 22:02

I saw like one reviewer show a few seconds of what looks to be Counter Strike Global Offensive https://youtu.be/rCbos-s2cdU?t=3m6s. But no* show case videos of just gameplay with it in action. In the case of the RM RE:D specifically, it doesn't actually have cursor drift from my experiences and testing so it is super reliable from what I've seen with it in hand so far. Granted my OS settings are 11/11 and my DPI is on 600, but even then, I haven't noticed any "dead pixels". Is it a case of nobody putting in the time to practice with it or what? From what I've heard, the previous RollerMouse models weren't super reliable. But due to the RE:D fixing (I think) all of those problems, how many users here actually deliberately (try) to game with the RollerMouse RE:D?

It seems to have a decent user base but actual documentation of them being actually being used is hilariously scarce. Most (key word most, not all,) videos involving them are of "reviewers" spinning circles not really actually doing anything in particular while they talk about things that you can read off of the RollerMouse RE:D's product page. Though to be fair, that happens with a lot of trackball "reviews" as well.

I've seen more videos of people gaming on trackpoints than I have with RMRs. Its honestly crazy how little in practice, information and experiences there are on these things.

Videos aren't necessary, just wanted to know for text archive sake due to the severe lack of documentation of them in action. Just to reiterate, I'm referring to the RE:D model specifically. (doesn't matter if it's the wired or the wireless one though)

Oh right, my buttons are binded like this https://puu.sh/AAetW/59f501d4eb.png as the only real problem I had using the RMR for gaming is the awkward default button layout. Personally having a great time using it for osu! and Ravenfield due to the pretty much non-existent cursor drift. But these are all just my experiences, what about all of yall's?


11 Sep 2018, 03:20

I haven't tried the Red yet, primarily because I like the thinner, enclosed Pro/Pro2/Pro3 style roller, but none of these designs is suitable for gaming that requires quick, precise mousing. I've never had cursor drift. I did, however, have massive issues with sensitivity and initial friction. On every RollerMouse I've tried, I've had to design a custom response curve. Granted, I'm using Linux and they probably have a sane default that comes with their Windows drivers, but still. I just can't see it being feasible to use in FPS or RTS games.

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