Speeding up an old MicroSpeed trackball?


18 Dec 2018, 16:58

Hello all, just purchased a classic Microspeed (now CST) Kid TRAC serial trackball mouse that I'm using with a serial to PS/2 adapter. Works great, and I love the feel, but it's too sluggish for my three 1920x1200 screens even with Windows speed cranked up all the way (also changed the MouseSpeed value in the registry to 2).

Are there any other ways of increasing speed? Accuracy seems fine, but it takes about five flicks of the trackball to move across one screen. I guess I could always go the Teensy USB conversion route (did that with a Model F, so I've got some experience), but by that point I'd be better off finding an L-TRAC.



18 Dec 2018, 17:36

Not that i know of , I have one too and i dont use it for exactly that reason.

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18 Dec 2018, 18:11

Holding middle-click and then pressing the right mouse button adjusts the DPI on the later models, not sure if that would work on this one as well? I have a Kit TRAC too, but don't remember if that works or not...


18 Dec 2018, 19:12

HzFaq, I just tried that and unfortunately it didn't seem to affect the DPI for this model. Thanks, though.


18 Dec 2018, 19:53

Well, I may have found a fix.

The secret is the Windows Registry acceleration curves (found at http://07.net/mouse/ or http://translate.google.com/translate?s ... 2Fmouse%2F for an English translation). Right now I'm using the slope with an inclination of 90, and it feels pretty decent. About one flick will scroll across an entire screen, but small movements are very gradual. It seems like there's plenty of options to dig into here, so I may be experimenting for a while.

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19 Dec 2018, 11:49

Anyone here own one of these plus a 3D printer? Finer teeth on the wheels might work and provide an actual CPI boost compared to acceleration tweaks


19 Dec 2018, 12:25

I do , but i could not model one to save my life.


19 Dec 2018, 15:02

I thought about an optical chopper wheel with more teeth. Trackballworld has a CST rebuild kit that includes new wheels. I'm in correspondence with them regarding whether they would fit; they appear to possibly have more teeth, but it's hard to tell from the picture.

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