PSA: Perixx sells replacement 34mm and 55mm balls for trackballs


14 Feb 2019, 19:09

For those who don't know, Perixx (computer-peripheral vendor) sells replacement balls in the most common sizes for consumer-grade trackballs:
  • 34 mm (Peripro-303), compatible with Perixx' own Perimice-517/717, Logitech thumb-trackball line—TrackMan Wheel, M570 and MX Ergo—and Elecom EX-G/DEFT; available in red/green and glossy/matte (I've heard that the glossy version messes with tracking in some trackballs)
  • 55 mm (Peripro-304), compatible with Perixx' own keyboards w/ built-in trackball (I hope they make a separate trackball too eventually), and Kensington Expert/SlimBlade; glossy red
This is great news for people with a broken Kensington ball or an older Elecom EX-G which benefits from a ball swap.


14 Feb 2019, 19:32

davkol wrote:
14 Feb 2019, 19:09
(I hope they make a separate trackball too eventually),
They've did it several years ago: it was Perixx Peripro-302.


14 Feb 2019, 20:26

I mean, yes. There was this clone of Kensington Expert, it was actually shit.

But I had splitting the current Periboard-322/522 in mind.


14 Feb 2019, 21:24

I've heard it wasn't successful indeed, and quickly discontinued. But I'd like to find one and add to my collection anyway...

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