new vertical thumb trackball from Kensington [2020]


14 Jan 2020, 13:06

Logitech MX Ergo has competition: Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball (K75326WW)
  • vertical (60 degrees)
  • 34mm thumb-operated ball
  • optical sensor w/ resolution 400-1500 dpi (three available steps)
  • 7 buttons including wheel (w/ side scrolling)
  • additional buttons for changing resolution, connection and on/off switch
  • wireless: proprietary (USB dongle) and Bluetooth 5 (two devices)
  • 2× AA batteries (supposedly for up to 18 months)
  • MSRP $80
FCC ID GV3M01480-M (there are detailed photos including internals, and manuals as well)

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14 Jan 2020, 20:44

Ooh! I do love my MX ergo, but it is always nice to see what Kensington comes up with

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15 Jan 2020, 15:50

So far I haven't been able to find many reviews, and I haven't been able to find any actual product to buy...


15 Jan 2020, 23:26

Funny: their first thumb-operated trackball after decades of classic devices... :)


24 Jan 2020, 14:53

Thumb seem’s strange to me. I have a expert mouse also 3 differents kensington Trackball and I hate all of them. Some are 100€ and still made with crappy quapility, glue assembly. Everthing fail on them.


11 Jun 2020, 23:31

Anyone here tried this unit?


12 Jun 2020, 13:18



12 Jun 2020, 21:34

What feels it bring?


13 Jun 2020, 11:59

I don't use thumb balls myself, so can't give detailed opinion. It was bought by friend of mine as a replacement to his heavily worn MTO, and I've briefly tried it. Plastic looks a bit cheap (big difference with another models from that company), but good thing is - it doesn't have any painting or, worse, soft-touch coating. Movement is butter-smooth, hand position seems to be quite ergonomic, buttons are fine.


04 Aug 2020, 09:50

Looks interesting, will be looking to replace my M570 at some point. I was going to get another MX Ergo but this looks great.

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20 Aug 2020, 15:14

Nice to see another trackball model in this niche market. Even though I'm personally not a fan of those thumb models.

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14 Oct 2020, 21:40

I thought thumb balls were super weird until I tried one and immediately fell in love. YMMV. I never could get used to 'finger' trackballs.

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