Philips ACC2330 foot switch


27 Aug 2020, 10:57

I want to buy the ACC2330 foot switch (pedal) from Philips. ... l-acc2300/

Does anyone know if this works just like a keyboard with four keys, so that, in Linux, using, say, xkb, I can remap those keys (to ctrl, meta, &c.), without having to use any secret-source proprietary software? If so, do you happen to know which keys (the key codes); are 3 of them the regular media keys?

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The Tiproman

27 Aug 2020, 12:43

This will certainly not work, have a look at the manual: ... -nl-it.pdf
and there at the pic on page 10.
Obviously you can only choose to which "key" you want to assign which basic dictation function (like Play, FF, RW).

The Phiips foot pedal I once used could not trigger anything else than dictation software.
I now use a Tipro keyboard as a foot switch when transcribing, they are freely programmable with practically anything you want.


27 Aug 2020, 21:56

If you do get your hands on one, you could use xev to see what, if any, key codes it sends.

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xev -event keyboard

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