Replace switches in a mouse (Roccat Kone XTD)


04 Dec 2020, 19:33

Is it possible and if so how hard to replace the left and right button switches mouse buttons in a mouse? More sepcifically the Roccat Kone XTD, also would you have to solder?


04 Dec 2020, 20:15

Do you found a picture of the PCB? It should be a pretty easy, assuming they're normal omrons. With a little flux and a solder pump it shouldn't be too bad, but sometimes solder really wants to stick to the PCB.


04 Dec 2020, 22:13

Heres a picture of the pcb, thanks for the help.


06 Dec 2020, 01:56

Those are standard size microswitches, so any video about switch replacement should be applicable.

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19 Dec 2020, 05:31

try this before you decide to replace the microswitch.


18 Mar 2021, 02:40

They should be relatively easy to desolder and replace, as they are through-hole mount and a nice size to work with.

I’d first remove as much solder as possible with a pump or braid, then heat each pin in turn with an iron and work it free (protect your fingers from the heat).

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