What input devices to get for RSI?


10 Jun 2021, 09:23

I'm a student probably using my hands for various things 8, 9 hours a day. In that 8 or 9 hours I spend 3-4 hours drawing on a wacom cintiq or iPad Pro, and the rest of my time studying using a macbook pro and magic mouse 2.

I recently started getting numbness and pains in my wrist and forearm. I think it might be due to an uncomfortable wrist angle + constantly having to press the keyboard to type. I need to mitigate this problem because I'm not gonna be able to rest my hands that much any time in the near future as I have to study.

I'm thinking of cycling through various input devices so my hands don't stay the same posture all the time. Also thinking of a wrist rest. Any suggestions on ergonomic input devices to cycle through (e.g. mice, trackball, ...?) I have small hands btw, around 16cm (6 inches-ish) from middle finger to wrist. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
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10 Jun 2021, 09:32

I assume that you're using the laptop keyboard on your MacBook? Nothing intrinsically wrong with that.

However, answer me this (very accurately): What is your setup? Desk height, chair height, your height etc.

I have typed on many keyboards (quite a shocker, right?) and while the keyboard certainly makes a difference, other ergonomic factors can be much more important. Even typing on the most pleasant keyboard, a bad hand-forearm angle can completely screw you over.


10 Jun 2021, 12:21

I agree with what Bjerrk said. What’s worked best for me is making a good habit to make sure I’m not touching any input devices except when I actually really have to. So, when I’m not actively typing or moving the cursor, my hands are resting in a neutral position, not touching either input device. After making that a habit of mine, my wrist pain went away. And it didn’t matter what kind of keyboard or pointing device I used; the biggest difference was not touching the input devices as much as possible. Granted, I’m a software engineer, so I’m not actually typing all that much compared to those in other fields. So my advice here might be wholly impractical.

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10 Jun 2021, 19:51

Bjerrk wrote:
10 Jun 2021, 09:32
Even typing on the most pleasant keyboard, a bad hand-forearm angle can completely screw you over.
Seconded. I use ‘zero thickness’ (side mount) trays for this reason, with Kinesis contoured keyboards plus Kensington Slimblade trackballs.

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