Merge C64 and VIC-20 keyboard articles?


14 Aug 2021, 16:37

The Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore 64 are two different 8-bit computers from the early 1980's that ran incompatible software.
However, they had keyboards with the same layout that were interchangeable with one-another.

Late VIC-20s and early C64s did even have the exact same keyboards (two variants are known), but early VIC-20s and later C64s had keyboard variations specific to the respective computer models, and there are differences in cases.

Because the keyboards are interchangeable, a modern resource such as an adaptor or modern replacement may be used with the other computer or keyboard than the one it had been originally intended for.
New renditions of the both computers also exist, and differ only in colour and software.
There is therefore now some redundancy, with the same info about these in both articles.

Should the pages be merged?
- for: because we focus on the keyboards, and to reduce redundancy
- against: because they were different computers.

I am the fence on this one. What do you think?


14 Aug 2021, 17:28

I own a c64 and don't see any need to merge both articles as it would cause confusion. the keycap colours between the c64 and vic20 are different, and keycaps are every bit as important as the mechanisms themselves, some would say even more so since the c64 had a heavy typing experience. they are not particularily rare computers and some do buy them to reuse the keycaps.

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