New page for HP C1405A not showing up in categories


28 May 2022, 22:23


First time post in any forum. I've been creating a new page for an interesting HP keyboard I purchased a while back.


I've gone over the guide for linking categories many times. My categorizations function only while I am logged in. I see a similar post about a Focus 5152 from 2021 that looks unresolved. Does anyone have information which could help?

Thank you all for your time.


02 Aug 2022, 11:49

I can't find the post you're talking about. As far as I can see, the categories you used in your article work as expected.

I've found trouble myself sometimes with Mediawiki not displying a new article in an existing category and found that editing the category page itself somehow forced the update - my new article was listed then. If that's your problem, give it a try next time.

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02 Aug 2022, 12:33

Stylish board, I like it! :D



01 Nov 2022, 03:45

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Its a very stylish keyboard! Such a shame its total rubbish to type with. (At least mine is)

Have a great day!


01 Nov 2022, 05:24

tactica2 Your suggestion worked! Thank you.

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01 Dec 2022, 00:05

Thanks for the effort! It seems to be impossible to grab the FLS version of these boards, unfortunately. They are so incredibly stylish!


09 Jan 2023, 05:57

I've picked up a couple new old stock HP keyboards and done a bit of research on Ebay with the sellers to start compiling a list of known HP HIL/PS2 keyboards with these HP Rubber Domes. Hopefully someday we will have a dependable part list of which keyboards actually have the FLS. I haven't seen an actual photo of one with them.

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12 Jan 2023, 23:51

I thought the last digit of the model number was a dead giveaway? G.e. HP 46010A is FLS, HP 46011A and HP 46021A is rubberdome


20 Feb 2023, 18:19

You mean if the last digit is not a zero, then they're FLA?

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04 Apr 2023, 18:22

Yes, at least that's what I thought the Wiki-Article implied 🤔

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