NeXT level miscategorisation

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24 Aug 2023, 15:49

I’m wary about breaking the wiki, so I'll note this here in the hopes a wiki veteran can do the deed. We need to talk about NeXT…

This page is surprisingly hard to find
Search the wiki for NeXT, you get no hits: wiki/index.php?search=NeXT&title=Specia ... fulltext=1

Browse by manufacturer: wiki/Category:NeXT_keyboards

The only keyboard listed there is NeXT's later ADB-speaking rubberdome board: wiki/NeXT_ADB

That well-illustrated article doesn't mention the previous Alps based NeXT keyboard at all. So how did I even find this page with all the pictures of the original keyboard then?

Well… this page is very sneakily linked to from the top of the NeXT_keyboards category page, where it is mislabelled as simply NeXT the manufacturer! --Muirium (talk) 15:43, 24 August 2023 (CEST)
I propose renaming the NeXT page to "NeXT non-ADB" keyboard, adding it to the NeXT category, and linking to it from the "NeXT ADB" keyboard article. I've no idea why none of these show up in search, though.


24 Aug 2023, 17:23


I suspect that a search for "NeXT" could have got trapped because it was on a list of common words ... but I dunno.

I added links to a non-existed "NeXT Computer" page, that should be about the company. Apparently it had the official name "Next Computer, Inc" at some time, and that two-word title should not get trapped by the search engine either.

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24 Aug 2023, 17:45

Thanks. :D

To my perplexed amusement, the search result for "NeXT" reports the contradictory statements:
There is a page named "NeXT" on this wiki.
There were no results matching the query.
While a search for "Next" gets no hits at all. This will be my punishment for forgetting the EssEntiAl capitals the NeXT time I go to look. :lol:

Wikipedia's article on NeXT Computer is good to point to in the implied manufacturer page. For our interest, they only made 2 keyboards. That and the Steve Jobs / exile from Apple link. Anything else can be read over there.


24 Aug 2023, 17:52

Yeah, I added a stub for "NeXT Computer" only for completeness' sake, because it is convention to have them.

I suppose it will take a while before the links stop being red (?) ...

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24 Aug 2023, 18:09

Now you've done the hard work, I can join in the story time. Cheers! :D

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