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Posted: 10 Feb 2018, 17:18
by tactica
While webwit still has time for the wiki, maybe it would be a good idea to replace the stock upload mechanism with Extension:UploadWizard. This is what they use on Wikipedia, and despite the efforts from Daniel and 002 (?) to improve the way {{filedesc}} works, I think it is in our best interest to replace it(1), otherwise unlicenced pictures will keep piling up forever.

  • Specifying a licence, author/source and description is mandatory -- the upload just cannot happen if any of them are missing.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once (up to 50 by default, IIRC) in a fraction of the time you need with the stock upload feature. The more files, the more time you save.
  • When uploading several files, you can specify a different licence/author/etc. for each of them if necessary.
  • Extensive configuration options.
  • More user-friendly.
  • Requires Javascript.

(1) After installing UploadWizard the vanilla upload feature is still available as Special:Upload in the wiki for those who prefer it. The "Upload file" link in the sidebar, however, is usually configured to point to UploadWizard.