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Pingmaster Name Change

Posted: 03 Jun 2021, 17:20
by headphone_jack
Ok, so we all know about the famous Pingmaster, known for the pinging noise that the SKCC green switches produce. But why is it even called the Pingmaster? It is neither the pingiest keyboard I've ever heard nor even the pingiest SKCC board I've heard. That honor goes to the Apple M0110A, which reverberates like bells on every keypress. So then, what does the "Pingmaster" have that other keyboards don't, that can be made into a more fitting name?
That's right, the insane beeper on the newly-named Beepmaster is something I don't think any other keyboard has even come close to. The sheer volume of this thing outweighs even the heaviest duty solenoids. It even goes toe to toe with my Selectric in terms of noise! How people decided the ping (which, by the way, gets completely covered up by the beeper at full volume) was the most notable thing about this board is a mystery to me. I assume it's because the keyboards were impossible to convert when first discovered, and the beepers couldn't be quite as appreciated as they are now. Am I the only one that thinks it's time for a name change?
This post is definitely not supposed to be taken seriously. Although I do love the name Beepmaster!

Re: Pingmaster Name Change

Posted: 03 Jun 2021, 17:22
by kelvinhall05
While we are changing names I also suggest we rename the Focus 9000 (specifically mine with Matias quiet linear, a solenoid, and a new calculator module of my design) "Endgame" on the wiki.

Re: Pingmaster Name Change

Posted: 03 Jun 2021, 17:49
by raoulduke-esq
Boopmaster? It's more of a BOOP than a BEEP.

I've been calling my M0110 the Apple Pingmaster but thockmaster is also an apt description...