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The Demongolator
Contra Bonos Mores

14 Dec 2012, 22:05

And now for the best category...

What was the worst keyboard or keyboard/input device related experience in 2012?

The nominees are: Geekhack turning into a key cap enthusiast's forum/circlejerk arts and crafts site, Ripster's descent to the underworld, the Geekhack Clusterfuck Summer, the Lin vs. MagicMeatball epic thread and the loss of keyboardporn.com and sixty as an active member.

And the *Ping* Award 2012, as voted for by the members of deskthority, goes to...


Plastic bits, man.

On one level, the interplay of colors in this exquisite piece of art demonstrates the resiliency of online sharing forums, and in particular the orange exemplifies the colour of resistance, in order to portray the independence of Geekhack. However in its core it expresses raw existentialism, providing an illuminating view on the necessary absurdity of the human condition. Bidding starts at $200, the proceeds will go to feeding the starving children of Africa.

Full results.

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14 Dec 2012, 22:07

And rightfully so.


14 Dec 2012, 23:48


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15 Dec 2012, 00:57

hahahaha, close one!

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Master Kiibohd Hunter

15 Dec 2012, 05:49

I'm sorta glad sixty didn't win this...

I have gifts for sixty if he ever comes back (and or get well gifts).

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