Making a Configurable Keyboard: The System76 Approach


19 Mar 2020, 20:45

Making a Keyboard: The System76 Approach (custom Linux computers) ... 6-approach
...The Launch Configurable Keyboard.

What were the most important things you wanted to address when designing a keyboard?

Most keyboards that we’ve studied were derived from what already existed. Instead we’re thinking about hands and fingers and how we use keyboards to interface with operating systems—a keyboard is a tool first. In our research, we found that spacebars typically, for example, are way too long, which means your strongest digit, your thumb, isn’t very useful. Most of the time you use your pinkie because useful keys are out at the extremities of the keyboard—so we wanted to change that. We wanted a better layout.

The second piece is configurability. A lot of our customers are experts in their field and they have their own unique shortcuts and tools—making a keyboard programmable for specific tools makes it a better interface for using that tool. Easy configurability—we made all the keys only 3 sizes so you can swap them. And we’re building software that makes it easy to change your configuration and add function layers to suit your needs.

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31 Jul 2020, 08:21

we want a better layout!
release a qwerty keyboard

(but it's fully programmable so I guess it's okay :) )

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