iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

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10 Sep 2015, 03:41

So Apple today announced the new iPad Pro and the new Smart Keyboard that goes with it.

I don't care about the keyboard per se. But I do wonder if this means we'll see new 3rd party docking stations that allow USB keyboards to be connected in an "approved" way.
apple-ipad-pro-pencil-smart-keyboard-2.jpg (77.95 KiB) Viewed 954 times

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10 Sep 2015, 05:02

Apparently it uses the butterfly (stabilization) mechanism as used in the MacBook keyboard: http://fortune.com/2015/09/09/apple-ipad-pro-review/ If true, that may mean conductive metal dome over PCB for switching.


10 Sep 2015, 08:08

I’m much more curious to see what the stylus is like (precision, latency, software access to the raw data, etc.), especially in comparison to the MS Surface 3, or Wacom tablets.

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10 Sep 2015, 11:19

What kind of hi-tech wizardry is that photo? Why doesn't the tablet topple over?

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10 Sep 2015, 11:24

Magnets. No, really! The new "Smart Connector" is magnetised, like the MagSafe power connector on portable Macs.

The Apple Pencil (stylus) does have me intrigued. If I didn't need a new iPhone so much (4S, baby!) I'd be all over the iPad Pro as my next purchase. Without that keyboard stand. Too Surface! I don't need another top heavy laptop, thanks.

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10 Sep 2015, 11:31

Here we go: yes, there will be 3rd party keyboards on this new port.

http://daringfireball.net/linked/2015/0 ... ech-create

Apple worked with Logitech before launch.

Of course, I hope it's open. Because a tablet like that is about the right size and weight for an SSK or Kishsaver… I wouldn't consider a lesser keyboard, as the onscreen one will be so large, yet zero bulk.

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10 Sep 2015, 11:32

As ugly as Microsofts surface.

I'd like to se a propper keyboard connected to this.

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10 Sep 2015, 19:06

That render of the Logitech case looks promising.

I still want a way to hook up a real keyboard though. I'd be okay with connecting through the Lightning port if Apple would just recognize USB keyboards as "approved" devices. But if I'm going to throw money at an iPad Pro, I'd much prefer some sort of clever docking station that I can plug the keyboard into and still take advantage of the pull-and-go benefits of the magnetic connectors.

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