MasterAccessory: Foam Wristrest

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Cooler Master Employee

08 Feb 2017, 10:22

We are announching today the release of the MasterAccessory: Wristrest.

Equip your first grade gear with a first grade accessory and let your hands enjoy maximum comfort.
Cooler Master’s MasterAccessory Wrist Rest was specially designed for the keyboards of MasterKeys series but also works with any TKL or fullsize keyboard. The soft foam pillow provides protection from injuries that may result from prolonged work or gaming sessions and lowers the physical fatigue. The soft surface is backed by a rubberized base that makes the wrist rest sit steadily on any table. When using the MA wrist rest on daily bases simply wash it in your hands and start again with a clean slate.

Available from today on the CM STORE platform, and also coming to local resellers (depending on region) in the coming months!


The wristrest is available in two sizes. Small (for TKL keyboards) and Large (for fullsize keyboards). Some glamour shots: :mrgreen:


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12 Feb 2017, 17:47

i have to say the Wooden wrist rest looks good..

Only advice i have for CM is "add pictures of the underside" potential buyers like to say the underside.
question that needs answering after looking at the pics.. "how do the anti slip pads look like" ??

TKL Size

Full size

Although nothing beats the €9,- of the one you mentioned..

btw i'm rocking two wrisrests so don't need a third one just jet..

keep up the great work CM.. :D

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Cooler Master Employee

13 Feb 2017, 08:06

Hey TuxKey,

Do you mean the underneath of the wristrests or in general also for the keyboards? Because for our keyboards we tend to do so if there is something special like cable management grooves and so.

For the wristrests it is fairly easy: the wooden ones comes with a set of rubber sticky pads. Different thicknesses and sizes so you can put on whichever you prefer :mrgreen:

Thanks for the kind words ;-)!

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13 Feb 2017, 18:21

CM Bram wrote: Hey TuxKey,

Do you mean the underneath of the wristrests
i do mean the underside of the wristrests that's one part that i would like to see when buying a new writrest.
but now that you explained i do understand why it isn't shown. Still showing both options and adding that description
would be preferable than not showing it.

btw i like the Royal Glam pads nice big and stable..
but you have a great point in regards to the thickness my compliments on that :ugeek:

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