Ubuntu Unity is dead

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formerly prdlm2009

06 Apr 2017, 17:57

So I'm sure some of you have heard the news, but Mark Shuttleworth decided to ditch the Unity interface for GNOME with the next Ubuntu LTS release. Unity is dead. Long live Unity.

https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05/ ... nvergence/


07 Apr 2017, 17:48

Good riddance.

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formerly prdlm2009

07 Apr 2017, 20:53

davkol wrote: Good riddance.
But convergence!

Actually, a smart business decision to focus on the things that work rather than hope that Apple and Android addicts will adopt to a different platform.


07 Apr 2017, 21:40

This is about NIH syndrome and lack of cooperation with upstream communities. Now, the problem is that GNOME and their stack (incl. Wayland and what not) isn't all that great either. Some of the most vocal GNOME guys are concerned about keeping their brand image pure more than anything else.

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08 Apr 2017, 00:43

Thank goodness. I hated Unity.


08 Apr 2017, 01:03

Unity is the reason why I did not upgrade my Ubuntu system for years.
But Gnome 3 is not an improvement either. Cinnamon or Mate are the only reasonable options.
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08 Apr 2017, 13:54

Wait people used unity ? Why would anyone use anything other than i3 ?

let's go

08 Apr 2017, 14:06

andrewjoy wrote: Wait people used unity ? Why would anyone use anything other than i3 ?
That's the point. I never understood that neither.

Anyway, does it really matter about Unity? I've always been able to apt-get install whatever wm/DE I wanted.


08 Apr 2017, 14:17

I prefer Mint (Cinnamon WM), I think Unity is what spawned Linux Mint in the first place. I used xmonad+arch in college but grew tired of modifying my configs all the time

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formerly prdlm2009

08 Apr 2017, 15:56

Unity was there for mass adoption and convergence with mobile devices, it was never going to satisfy nerds like us. Considering that Linux Mint has become more popular than Ubuntu Unity, probably because it is a lot more familiar and usable for the average user, I don't think it really matters. I don't anticipate thousands of users banging on the doors of Canonical, demanding that Unity stays alive.

By the way, GNOME is the most useful for touchscreens, if anyone tries to use Linux with a touchscreen.

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