HHKB refresh in 2019?

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17 Jul 2019, 15:14

Ohh boy ohh boy!

I am not sure how to feel about the refresh model, I am afraid there is too much potential for screwups.
Let's take a look at the HHKB BT model, and its battery pack and "Modernised" case design.
Not impressed, not at all... I hoped that it will grow on me at one point. 3 Years later, I still think it's appearance is quite unpleasant.
Same applies to the new Realforce line, they feel good yes but the overall look is just not my cup of tea.

As you guys might know, I am a total sucker for the white model. But since my Pro2 started to develop noticable yellowing I hope that they will come up with a way to eliminate this with the refresh model. But hopefully not with an all metal case, since I got my Tokyo 60 I started to like the soft typing experience on the HHKB even more. Metal backplate? Not sure about, I'd rather leave it as it is.

Actual programmability? Yes please!
This would be the biggest reasons for me to buy a Pro3, except they totally screw it up by putting RGB Backlit in it or something equally ridiculous.

Other color options? I'd love to see it, even though I doubt this will ever happen.

Split spacebar? Sweet tits, YES!
Especially together with programability this feature would blow me out of the water.

My humble prediction is that thre refresh model is trying to adjust itself to appeal more to the mainstream market.
It's not going to be wireless, since this will canibalize the BT line.
Say goodbye to genuine Topre caps and sliders, they are probably going to put in MX compatible sliders to increase keycap compatibility. This might lead to longer spacebars, since 6U spacebars are not that common on MX 60% boards.
I am afraid they will equip it with backlit support, so say goodbye to decent PBT caps as well.
I doubt they will do a full metal case, metal backplate on the other hand would be quite possible, especially if they want to put in backlit support using already produces switches from the Realforce RGB line.
Programmability? Maybe some macros but nothing that requires any sort of flashing the board.

We still have our Pro1's and 2's though :)


17 Jul 2019, 18:50

I think the remake will be quite subtle. I’m hoping it’s just an updated, less creaky case. I don’t think they will go away from Topre stems either. IMO they would do wise to keep to the formula, i.e., niche in a niche in a...

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