Clearly Superior Technologies [trackball] production sold to PI Engineering


05 Jul 2019, 14:55

From Clearly Superior Technologies, Inc.:

After nearly 16 years in business the time has come for me to explore retirement, to pursue relaxation and my passion for fishing and travel.

All of Us at Clearly Superior Technologies Inc. have appreciated the support from our loyal customers, both big and small over all these years. It has been my personal pleasure to help many of you through issues, especially those folks with special needs.

However, CST Trackballs are NOT going away as PI Engineering has purchased our complete product line. Over the past few months of talking with them I have been impressed by their staff and engineering competency. PI is uniquely qualified to take over the trackball product line as they are quality oriented in both production and service. I am confident that all of you will receive the same level of service that CST has provided.

The transfer of assets will be complete in the next two weeks. I will continue to handle support requests until the goods are physically at PI Engineering’s facility in Williamston, Michigan. All end user warranties will stay in force and transfer to PI Engineering.

To all our customers I extend my gratitude for your business and the many notes of appreciation I have been sent by many of you. Thank you for your appreciation!

Ross Myers

June 24th, 2019
I hope everything works out well. CST's support has been excellent.

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