Datacomp DFK-515AT review (Alps SKCM Blue)

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25 Feb 2017, 12:59

Early blue Alps, weird layout and some really funky features, I present to you my Datacomp DFK-515AT!


25 Feb 2017, 22:54

Another nice find and review!! I kind of like the beep, like the ZKB-2, but not being able to turn it of is a bummer. Maybe there is some mystic key combo.

The arrows location and style in the nav cluster seems more like like the DEC LK-201 than Model M

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26 Feb 2017, 01:10

I'm sure there is a key combo for it, I just don't know what. Alps also made the Zenith's beepers, and the DFK-515AT also came with green Alps IIRC. That was probably an earlier model, and they used the beeper for it, and simply carried it over when they switched to blue Alps, that's what I'm guessing.

The layout is a weird beast. There's definitely elements of the DEC in there, but then again, the same is true for the Model M, which based their nav cluster on that. Basically it was a new type of layout that people were slowly switching to at the time, and this one is about halfway the new layout and the older AT layout.

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26 Feb 2017, 02:08

Also similar to the Key Tronic KB-5151:


And Chicony's version of the KB-5151:



26 Feb 2017, 22:00

@Chyros, Helvetica Syndrome? Calcium melting faces?! Where on earth do you find this sh...stuff?!

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27 Feb 2017, 01:23

tigpha wrote: @Chyros, Helvetica Syndrome? Calcium melting faces?! Where on earth do you find this sh...stuff?!
Fortunately Helvetica is a very rare occurrence 8) .

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27 Feb 2017, 08:41

I really liked the SKCL Green version of these, if only because they seem to be less common and the board seems like it was initially built for it.

Really funky GIANT thing. Way too big for its own good, haha.

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06 Jan 2019, 20:30

I have this keyboard too, also with Blue Alps. It came with the DigiSystems Jetta XD V40 PC around 1986.

Luckily for me it had hardly been used and types like new. It also came complete with the original manual which states how turn off the beeper: CTRL PAUSE 8-)

Since this was otherwise unknown, I have added this info to the Wiki page.

Happy to scan in and PDF the manual for anyone interested.

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