Kailh Blue switch review

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10 May 2021, 00:14

Today I take a look at a budget Cherry MX Blue clone.

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10 May 2021, 04:11

It would help if you can compare this cheapo switch model, with a 'superior' CherryMX Blue switch.

That way you can show clearly which one is better for overall usage.

Sorry but being simple-minded (myself) means you have to clearly spell it out, on which switch is troublesome and morose, when it comes to using them side by side.

That is why when you do any further CherryMX switch reviews you MUST have the authentic coloured CherryMX switches, as a testing bench when comparing the various cheapo Chinese switches, that you are reviewing.

Helps to highlight their actual performance - side by side.

This would make your reviews far superior to the rest being offered, on Youtube.


14 May 2021, 20:11

I'm using Kailh Blues in my AZIO Retro Keyboard and I like them. They perform well for me.

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