Topre Type Heaven review (Topre 45 g capacitive)

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24 Aug 2019, 10:49

Today we look at an oft-overlooked Topre offering, the Type Heaven! Let's compare it to a Realforce and see what's up :) . Hope you enjoy the video!

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24 Aug 2019, 16:57

Fair until the end.

Yes, yes, we Topre users are in it just for the price. Honestly, just increase the price of whatever it is. We’re all fucking morons.

As with Apple stuff, they’re expensive and they’re distinct. Try running iOS on your Android. If you really just want a rubberdome, if they are all alike, go wild and spend a tenner. The world does!

But you’re right about the general quality of the Type Heaven. I’d have stacked it up against a Filco or what have you; but your time, like your opinion, is your own!

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