Cherry UB88-0005 review (Cherry M8)

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31 Aug 2019, 12:07

Today we look at an older offering from Cherry, with something non-MX for a change! High time we covered Cherry M8 :) . Hope you enjoy the video!

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The Tiproman

31 Aug 2019, 14:49

Nice wrist rest you've got there:
not-so-grumpy wrist rest comment ;-).jpg
not-so-grumpy wrist rest comment ;-).jpg (142.2 KiB) Viewed 2143 times

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31 Aug 2019, 20:17

Haven’t watched the video yet. My bet is on Chyros kinda liking them (with complaints) and reckoning they’re better than MX, to wind up his fans. C’mon, it’s irresistible!

Years back, I got a bag of these M8 switches, new old stock, with a custom keyboard build in mind. Never did get around to it. I like how small they are and their cap compatibility. Just a shame they don’t also fit into MX footprint PCBs.

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