Epson Q703A keyboard review (Fujitsu leaf spring 2nd generation)

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19 Oct 2019, 11:27

Today we look at a rare bird; a SILENCED keyboard from 1983! It uses Fujitsu's fairly uncommon second generation of leaf spring switches, about which there is relatively little material out there. It's a very interesting board regardless :) . This episode, by popular request, also includes more extended compatibility for Imperial users >D . Hope you enjoy the video! :)

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19 Oct 2019, 19:13

New old stock is amazing. Wish my case was still that white instead of a tad yellow.

I've been using mine as a daily driver since May and it's great. Gotta say I like the white case more than black though. One thing you forgot to mention between this and the 3rd Gens is that these don't have the diodes for N-Key rollover. Converting these things is a bitch because not only do you have to bypass the original +12VDC stuff to get at the chip that runs at a normal USB +5VDC for a converter, but for full modern controller replacement you have to surgically mod the traces for diodes and you can't regular handwire because of how the switches are attached to the PCB.

Still totally worth it though. I typed this whole post on mine.

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