NEC PC-8801 keyboard review (Alps SKCM Blue)

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14 Dec 2019, 09:54

Today we look at a classic from the Asian market; the NEC PC-8801. This keyboard is a pretty cool guy - and the last blue Alps keyboard I'll be reviewing for the foreseeablel future! Hope you enjoy the video! :)

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14 Dec 2019, 10:21

Beautiful review and showing of this keyboard, really appreciated that.

This is where having high quality Alps switches bundled with all PBT key-caps and a decent casing, helps to deliver another superior feeling keyboard.

The typing sound was truly melodic and even though my own kids don't know why it's relaxing to hear, they think it's what OLD men appreciate in keyboards these days.

Little tossers.......

Thanks for this latest review.


14 Dec 2019, 11:17

I'm not a massive fan of that sound. It does sound nice and deep, but it sounds "chalky" when bottoming out. I stole that term from someone else, but it seems to describe what I don't like about the sound. I noticed this with White Alps as well. Aside from the wobble and perhaps more hollow sound, I much preferred Matias Clickies. xD

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