Gateron Ink switches review (MonkeyKing iGK61)

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11 Jan 2020, 15:37

Pretty heavily requested, this week we take a look at Gateron Ink switches, specifically the black ones. Hope you enjoy the video! :)

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12 Jan 2020, 01:59

YES, the Black Inks are certainly nicer with typing but as I am a confirmed Tactile/click addict still won't buy this model at all.

I did put in an order with NovelKeys for their Gateron Blue Ink Switches. So when that arrives I'll see if this switch truly eclipse's Cherry horrid Blue switch design.

Suspect they will be far superior here because let's face the facts here Cherry is near useless in producing anything NEW these days whilst Gateron and Kailh, are producing exciting stuff well worth purchasing.

Because I know you're a keyboard fanatic Chyros, why not do an in depth examination of these Ink Switches by running a test to determine exactly what sort of plastic is being used on the shaft and shell of these latest releases.

It would help you to determine in the future what else is being used in new switches so as to inform the public out there what they are buying. You indeed would be the go-to kid when it comes to showing what each switch is composed of.

That's if the Companies would allow you to do that in the first place, after all you should know the times that we are all living in.

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