Unicomp group buy - EU ONLY


13 Jul 2020, 00:13

Does anyone want anything from Unicomp? I am planning on ordering some keycaps that I've been looking for long. Happy to order stuff on your behalf - that way we can share Unicomp's steep shipping fees. Please note 16% import VAT applies (plus fees as charged by the carrier). Shipping from me to you will be extra. If you pay with paypal, applicable fees apply.

I am happy to take orders for all accessories and keycaps. If you plan on buying an entire keyboard, send me a PM - we can work out a shipping fees sharing model.

If we have 5/7 people on the group buy, shipping won't be any different than if you were to ship it domestically in the US.


13 Jul 2020, 21:03

I'm interested, give me couple of days to do a little bit of inventory and see what exactly i need.


02 Aug 2020, 11:25

Hello, I'm interested in some keycaps (spacebars, homing keycaps), and also some stabilizers (vertical and horizontal), plus some wire for the spacebar

I live in Italy.

Please let me know if this goes on, so I'll finalize my quote request, thanks.

I could possibly be interested also in a model m case, and in model m 122 case.

Do you have any idea if unicomp sells also the small plastic "things" that hold the stabilizer's wire on the plate?

Well also have to pay vat on this since unicomp doesn't declare a lower value :-(

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