RS84 version 3


14 Jul 2015, 20:47


Orders close 10 August.
Invoices will be sent out daily and are DUE UPON RECEIPT.
There will be an additional $10 fee per kit to cover the groups shipping from China to USA. All USA orders will be send by PRIORITY, single kit medium flatrate $13, or 2 kit in large flatrate $16. International orders sent by first class non insured parcel, $30-35.
Features RGB led on the bottom of the PCB which could be controlled by the keys or with a remote wireless controller with support 16 colors and adjustable brightness. PCB supports choices for many layout variations including ISO. 3mm normal led for in switch backlight, with 3 modes: always on, breathing light, light when type with adjustable speed of the dynamic lighting. New version 3 case tray combines the best aspects of the Special edition and standard edition from previous.

DIY set will include 1 pcb, 1 frosted white acrylic tray case, 1 remote for rgb control for $140.

4 color choice of plate available: black, red, silver, grey. Optional item, is $22 extra.
4 color choice of feet available: black, red, silver, grey. Optional item, is $5 extra for pair. (Please note, without feet the case will have 0° angle)

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15 Jul 2015, 12:02

Would love one of these. But to bad I live in EU.
Are you going to do a GB on these keyboards for non-US sometime?

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15 Jul 2015, 12:15

ISO enter support... but US only? :lol:

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15 Jul 2015, 12:19

Are you feeling all right, Ivan? I can't see the sense in it. Why not simply hike the shipping price for foreigners?

(Of course, we are a grumbly lot of buggers, but here we are complaining already!)


15 Jul 2015, 12:45

IvanIvanovich wrote: Orders close 10 August. Open to USA ONLY!
:| :cry:

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Finally 60%

15 Jul 2015, 13:40

Real shame. This would've been a lovely alternative to building a Phantom. It has all the keys I need, and support for 1.5u mods.

Does it also support off-center capslock?

Why is the plate optional? Do you have the choice between plate and PCB mount?


18 Jul 2015, 17:25

Shipping these from the USA to international destinations would be in the range of $30-35 for basic uninsured... if you are OK with that then I suppose by all means.

Yes it support stepped caps lock. Plate is optional because it is not necessary. Can build as PCB mount without any issue.

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