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10 Jan 2018, 14:22

To my Nordic Alps-loving friends!

Brothers and Sisters! Too long have we waited in the shadows for a decent Alps keyset with our belöved Nørdic chäråcters in a sculpted profile. No more!

And with things like the open source XMXX universal TKL PCB, the LFKeyboards Alps TKL PCB and the reasonably-priced anodized TKL case from Aliexpress, it has never been easier or more affordable to put together a sleek build for your favourite Alps switches. SKCM Blue, Brown, SKCL Green, Striped Amber -- the world is your scratchy oyster!

That's all well and good for the ANSI people. But the keycaps, I hear you say! What about the bleeping ISO Nordic keycaps? Not everyone got their hands on the DSA-Granite-for-Alps kit, and while Nordic SGI Bigfoots and Dell AT102s do exist, the don't exactly grow on trees.

Well, KBParadise make the V80 TKL with Alps (Matias) switches and a sleek looking keyset. They are pad printed (wait, hear me out!) but the legends are really nice and the 'vintage' color scheme is as attractive as any Dell or SGI set. Oh, and they're only around $24 for a full TKL set.
V80 Vintage Alps keyset from KBParadise top printed.jpg
V80 Vintage Alps keyset from KBParadise top printed.jpg (356.71 KiB) Viewed 877 times
Unfortunately, keyboardco.com only stocks the keyboards, and mechanicalkeyboards.com only stocks ANSI keysets, but I was talking to the good folks at KBParadise and they are able to produce a small run (MOQ 20) of Nordic ISO ALPS keysets.

So if you might like a kit (at around $25 plus shipping from Sweden) let me know in this thread.

P.S. They have a choice between top printing (as in the photo), or front printing (will last longer, but would not 'match' existing DCS Alps kits like Badwrench's Infinity or Alpine Winter). Please indicate if you'd only be interested in top/front printed keycaps.

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10 Jan 2018, 14:23


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Member of the Beam Spring cult

10 Jan 2018, 15:01

I would be interested in a top printed set. Do you know how the stabs and such are positioned and are the standard 1,5u Alt and 1,5u Ctrl available?


11 Jan 2018, 21:50

I would be interested in a top printed set as well.

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11 Jan 2018, 23:24

It's starting to look like top print is the winner -- which is great since I'm leaning toward top print myself.


21 Feb 2018, 15:42

Do the PCBs you link fit inside a Filco case by chance?

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ALPS キーボード

21 Feb 2018, 15:48

I'd be interested in top print.

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21 Feb 2018, 20:04

Interested in the top print set. If they offer winkeyless bottom rows, make that 2 sets.

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22 Feb 2018, 23:35

Actually, if they do Winkeyless and stepped Caps Lock, bump that up to 4 sets.


25 Mar 2018, 20:03

I'm interested in top print.

Actually, I'm looking for a clean keyboard with clicky matias and nordic layout, but this is probably as close as I get.


25 Mar 2018, 20:25

If this takes off, I'm in for a set :)

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