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31 Jan 2018, 14:53

IC Form HERE (https://goo.gl/forms/xdzu34w7RRc880lI3)

Link to IC on /r/mk: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyb ... a_pyramid/

Link to IC on /r/mm: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/com ... a_pyramid/

Link to IC on Geekhack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=93832.0

KLE Renders https://imgur.com/a/WBk4k (Rendered using SA profile)

2D Designs https://imgur.com/a/TWvJV



GMK/SA Pyramid is an upcoming set with a color scheme based off of the cover art for the album "Pyramid" https://imgur.com/1usvgkF), by The Alan Parson's Project. The kit uses two shades of gray as base colors, with orange and cyan legends and accents in an attempt to recreate the general balance of colors in the original image.

GMK or SA Profile

The feedback we really want to hear from this IC is what profile the community is more interested in. There are ups and downs to both profiles due to the different manufacturers and the requirements they each have. Either way it goes, the set will still be made of ABS plastic with double shot legends, and use MX stems.


Cherry profile
MOQ of 250 units (This is due to the set using custom colors)
~$150 per base kit (Will update after hearing back from GMK)
Manufactured by GMK/Uniqey


SA profile
$140 at 150 MOQ (Base kit)
$140 at 100 MOQ (Base kit)
Probably a longer lead time
Manufactured by either Signature Plastics or Maxkey

These prices are not finalized, and will be updated as we continue to get community feedback and work with potential manufacturers.


Base kit


Let us know if you think anything should be added to the base kit. Target price is around $140-$150.

Space bar kit


Were targeting around $25 for the space bar kit.

ErgoDox kit


This set might be hard to reach MOQ, but we'll just have to see how popular the set becomes. We'd like to target around $50-$60, but again will change based on interest for it.


Currently, we don't have a novelty set fully developed. We're playing with a few ideas for designs, but we also want to get other ideas from the community before we finalize the set. There will most likely be another interest check for just the novelties after this one, where we will finalize the designs.

Whats Next?

If this set gets enough interest, we'll be getting some high quality renders to better show off the set.

We will also likely launch a secondary IC based off of the feedback we received from this IC.

The point of this interest check is to help tailor the set to the communities needs. If you dislike part of or need something else added to the set, let us know. Any and all feedback is appreciated, and we hope to see you all in a GB soon!


Full album: https://imgur.com/a/HN2Yh

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