OG Cherry Doubleshots (5/18-5/31)


19 May 2018, 00:12

This Group Buy is live! Click here to fill out the Google Form

Big Update
* 3 Sets are now being offered instead of 2. Making this change gives us a much larger maximum order quantity for the white/beige sets. Doing this is creating a lot of complications due to the existing orders. I am very sorry but I will have to delete everyone’s past orders. Everyone please resubmit the updated order form.

1) White/Beige set in the 1800 layout (WKL w/ short right shift). Will now be referred to as White/Beige Short Shift

2) Newly added White/Beige set available in the 3000 layout (WKL w/ standard shift). Will now be referred to as White/Beige Long Shift

3) WOB set in the 3000 layout (ANSI 104). WoB

I am offering two choices of *USED* OG Cherry Doubleshot keycaps. You can choose between OG White/Beige or OG White on Black(WOB). Please note the layouts the different sets will cover below.

* Quantity: 15 White/Beige Short Shift, 20 White/Beige Long Shift, 10 BoW. I will take orders for sets with no spots left up to (#of spots+5) in case invoices don’t get paid. Spots are FCFS when filling out the order form.

* Pictures from seller. Images show samples of the Short Shift and WoB sets. As we expected, they are dirty and the white/beige is yellowed. He cannot give me samples of the Long Shift set yet but has said they look like the other set, perhaps in slightly better condition. More on that below.

* I will be cleaning each keycap set for free before shipment from my house. This will significantly improve the condition of keycaps upon arrival. I will update with pictures when I do this and ship them out. For those who want to know, each set will be soaked in warm water with 3 denture tablets for 1 hr. Contact me separately if you do not wish for me to wash your caps for whatever reason.

* Additionally, I will be offering a Retrobright service for the white/beige caps. Retrobrighting your caps should eliminate the yellowing of the caps and should restore them, bar the shine. I will be doing this for an additional 5$/set. For transparency, I currently haven’t done this before but I will have experience with a set of AEK keycaps prior to doing your caps. I have updated the form with this service as an option. If you have already submitted an order to the form and would like this service either resubmit your order or message me individually on any platform. Please don’t do both.

White/Beige Short Shift *Shift keys swapped in pic*

White/Beige Long Shift *Shift keys swapped in pic*


These sets all have different compatibility. I tried to show this by providing KLE images of the key layouts above.

White/Beige Short shift is a WKL Layout with a split right shift.
White/Beige Long Shift is a WKL Layout with standard shift.
BoW is an ANSI 104 Layout.

* Group buy: 5/18-6/3
Invoice: 6/1-End of following week (6/8).
Order Placed: 6/10
Estimated Delivery: Late June. There will be regular shipping updates.

* White/Beige Short Shift– 45$+Shipping (from US)
* White/Beige Long Shift– 55$+Shipping (from US)
* WoB– 85$+Shipping (from US)
* US Shipping 5$, international shipping approx. 15$.
* 5$ Off each additional set after your first one.

I am marking up the sets ~10$ from what they cost on taobao in order to cover shipping fees from china to the US and to cover a few extras in case we come up short a couple or if someone has missing or broken keycaps. It should also to help with paypal fees.

I will be placing our order with superbuy, a proxy service for taobao. The order will be shipped to my house in the US. From there I will do QC and ship to the rest of the US or internationally.

GH Thread
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24 May 2018, 14:40

Hi all. I have just updated the thread with a major update. We have images from the seller, quantity confirmation, free keycap cleaning, a retrobright "package," and more.

The most notable thing is I had to delete all previously made orders. I'm sorry for this but after all the new changes it the was the best way I saw to get though that. I will be sending an email to the paypal email address you gave me to ask you to go ahead and resubmit the form with a link to the GH thread and the order form.

I hope these updates find you all well. Thanks for the support.

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The Tiproman

24 May 2018, 15:16

jacobtrees1221 wrote: […] These sets all have different compatibility. I tried to show this by providing KLE images of the key layouts above.

White/Beige Short shift is a WKL Layout with a split right shift.
White/Beige Long Shift is a WKL Layout with standard shift.
It is worth mentioning that the Cherry 1800 layout ("White/Beige Short Shift") also differs from the Cherry 3000 layout ("White/Beige Long Shift") noticeably in that, inter alia:
- it has a 1u NumPad "0" key
- it has a short NumPad "+" key and the NumPad "-" key thus has a different profile
- its "Delete", "End" and "PgDn" keys are Row 1 ("Esc") profile instead of Row 2 ("Tab") profile.


24 May 2018, 21:15

Nice just joined, cant pass up a good deal


15 Nov 2018, 09:30

(Doublepost with GH thread:)

Please offer your White-on-Black key cap set in NorDe too and with blank Windows key options, and I will order three sets immediately.

For more WoB NorDe discussion see this thread keyboards-f2/generic-iso-norde-swedish- ... 20001.html .

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