USB Custom Cables for Pulse, Laser, Serika, Jukebox, Miami etc

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21 Aug 2018, 14:41

I'm a Custom Cable Maker from Portugal, Kriscables aka rundeploy. For the next few days i will be accepting orders.
I do Micro, Mini, Type-C 2.0, TRRS, AUX and Aviator (quick release) connectors. I also do very limited high fidelity audio custom cables for headphones.
I use Paracord (made in USA) , Techflex (double sleeved) and Teleios sleeving - available are more than 100 sleeving patterns, matching almost any keyset!
1.5M straight cable, any sleeve, any connector: Mini, Micro, Type-C 2.0, TRRS connectors = 16€
1a) if added 10cm coil then 27€ and if with Techflex double sleeved 34€.
1b) if added 20cm coil then 30€ and if with Techflex double sleeved 38€.

Additional options:
+1€ for +25cm of cable or +2€ if double sleeved
+7€ with Aviator connectors.

Tracked Worldwide Shipping:
5€ - 1 cable, ePacketed.
9€ - 1 coiled cable shipped in a box.
12€ -2 coiled cables shipped in a box.
PHOTOS of some already made cables.

Where are the sleeving options ?
On my website:

How to order ?
just send me a message through your prefered option with your desired cable details:

Or just PM me here or on reddit

How the payment is made ?
After the requested details are completed and registered i will send you a Paypal payment request.

How long do i take to make a cable ?
About 1 Week to build, test and ship. First come, first served.

Every cable is hand made, with attention to every detail.

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