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03 May 2019, 19:25

Hey everyone, I don't post on DT often but lurk a bit. I figured I'd post this interest check here as it all started with 7bit and his buys here, and y'all might appreciate some VoC action.

With assistance from ARSLOCK, I've recreated the SA Violet on Cream set in GMK. Originally designed by 7bit for his famous SA group buys, the set has evolved into a classic after Beamingrobot's recent SA kit run linked previously.


The kits, pricing, etc. are all in their infancy as I haven't had a lot of time to work on the set lately. This will be a classicly-influenced set utilizing text-icon legends on the modifiers and secondary legends on the numpad. Basically what GMK Originative's legends are like.

Base kit:

Spacebar kit:

Purple alpha kit:

40's Kit

Original Round 6 Violet on Cream pics, colors will be matched to these:
(Credit to maximm3k and pemap09 on reddit)


Specs at this time:
  • No novelties. I'm hoping to work with a few artisan makers to produce matching artisans though.
    MOQ of the base kit will be 250. Secondary kits will have an MOQ of 100.
    The violet is SP's RDE, the cream is GMK's WS4 (used on GMK Camping, also the original 7bit cream color - SP's WCK).
    The set will run in August of this year (2019 if you forgot.)
    NovelKeys will be the US seller.
    MyKeyboard.eu will be the EU seller.
    iLuMKB in Singapore will be the SEA seller.
    As Mike from NovelKeys is helping out with the set, expect some other VoC-themed products like deskmats, etc.

Thanks for your time.

Feel free to join my Discord and leave some comments in this project's channel: discord.hiney.cc

Quick render on HBCP (soontm):

Render on Naeyeon by Zekkin:

All-purple render on Nunu by Tomu:

Group pic

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