[IC] ASK55 - Alps 14.5u Keyboard (M0116/8, M0330, IIc/Plus, Mac Portable, NeXT)

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03 Jun 2019, 22:41

The ASK55: cases, plates and a PCB for 8 various Alps 14.5u layouts.


Backstory and Origins:

In Summer 2018, I fell in love with the Apple M0116 keyboards and layout. I explored the options available to make a modern, sleek keyboard using the gorgeous keycaps and Alps switches. There was nothing readily available, unlike for the AEKII. After quickly realising that a regular 60% case for the Alps64 wasn't going to cut it, the ASK55 was born.

Over the last year, I've worked hard and spent a lot of time with some great people. I went away and developed 8 x 14.5u plates for the M0116, M0118, M0330, Mac Portable, IIc, IIc Plus and both NeXT non-ADB layouts with help from generous community members who loaned me the keysets for testing against.

The case has gone through numerous revisions but we're finally at a point where we're happy with our product. Thus, a year on, we're looking to see if there's enough hype to make it possible!

Facts and Specifications:
  • 8 classic 14.5u Apple layouts supported: M0116, M0118, M0330, Mac Portable, IIc, IIc Plus, NeXT AAE and NeXT ABP
  • A three-piece, case mount construction
    • A 'swoop' top to support the M0116, M0118, M0330, Mac Portable, IIc and IIc Plus
    • A 'flat' top to support the NeXT AAE and NeXT ABP
    • A common bottom which supports all layouts
    • Available in frosted polycarbonate and space grey aluminium
  • 14.5u Alps PCB
    • QMK-compatible
    • One PCB which supports all 8 layouts
    • An optional 1u key where the IIc would ordinarily not feature a key
  • Dedicated plates
    • A plate for each layout; no flimsy universal plates
    • Available in brushed brass and brushed stainless steel

Interest Check:

There's still some design decisions to be made (i.e. USB connectivity, underglow). Please complete the IC below to show your support and have your say:

GOOGLE FORM (IC): https://forms.gle/zWNLuGAbSNDTA9FW6

News and Links:

FAQ/LATEST UPDATE: https://paradigm.parts/guidance/ask55/faq/
RENDERS: https://imgur.com/a/gSCEvOR
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05 Jun 2019, 21:16

34 respondents thus far and I appreciate all of the feedback given!

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30 Jun 2019, 01:52

Quick update for you all. Firstly, we should have the funds available to get the final revisions of the two cases ordered this coming week. Secondly, we've had 54 responses in the IC. Two key points to address are as follows:
  • I will look in to the possibility of a plastic plate for the grey alu cases but no promises
  • I will draw up the 8 different plate layouts tomorrow
Continue to share the project and complete the IC if you haven't done so already. Again, thank you all. :p

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30 Jun 2019, 14:42

As promised, layouts and boards which we support can be found in the original post or here: https://imgur.com/a/84m9I8X

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11 Jul 2019, 00:01

Cases and PCB are on order. Big thanks to everybody who showed an interest in our earlier prototypes and helped us to raise the funds for our next prototype.

If these case prototypes are up-to-scratch, I'll stick a plate in them and get some pictures up. Once Yiancar has worked his magic with the PCB, I'll proof it against our layouts.

Once that's done, well... I suppose we go live! ;D


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