[IC] Buckling Spring 9009


24 Jun 2020, 23:07

Hi all-

I don't have the product and do not plan to manufacture it BUT I'm curious how many people are interested in a 9009 or other classic sets for buckling spring boards such as Model M & F. If there's enough interest, I can do some research to see if it's possible to find people to produce them. Any idea is welcome. Thanks!

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24 Jun 2020, 23:27

Honestly, that would be amaaaaazing. I’d be totally in for such a keyset!


29 Jun 2020, 21:41

Yea, always down for more options for vintage boards

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01 Jul 2020, 18:29

Definitely interested. I guess you'd need for 9009 is some accent keys. Honeywell would look pretty dope on BS. I also think GMK Samurai, Dolch, nines and serika would look good.


01 Jul 2020, 18:58

AFAIK the main custom cap players like SA and GMK dont have existing tooling for BS caps. Unicomp does (obviously) but their previous attempts at custom caps have been...unwhelming.

It's a hard sell, really. The majority of BS users are interested in the utilitarian benefits. Coupled with the scarcity of BS users (compared to modern customs) and I dont see how this could be done economically. Your best bet is with a muted, popular colorway like the 9009 suggested in the OP. I'd eat my hat if something like Pulse was able to meet MOQs for BS caps.

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