[GB] BOP - Big Ortho Project - 6 x 20 Ortholinear Keyboard

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19 Mar 2021, 01:05

Hello! I'd like to introduce BOP, Big Ortho Project, a 6x20 ortholinear keyboard featuring split numrow and modifier keys (!, @, #, etc.) using surface mount and through-hole components.

To start out, this GB is limited to 50 First Come-First Serve spots and is going live March 22nd, 9 AM CST. I want to keep this rather small for my first group buy :)


The main goal of this project is to develop a keyboard that does not require the user to constantly shift between layers, and almost five months of research and development later, BOP is finally ready for production. BOP features a 6 row by 20 column layout that allows the user ready access to almost character and modifier without needing to constantly switch between layers. BOP also supports full 1u grid and a few places for 2u keys to go.

If you thought the BFO-9000 was big, this board adds two extra columns to absolutely dwarf (not reaally) the BFO. To get a sense of the scale of this board, u/ nkgosel introduced a new way to measure boards this big, by using Plancks as units. This board is about 2.5 Plancks big, in more useable terms, almost 16" long by 6" deep.


Kit Contents:

* PCB (White or Black)
* Switch plate and bottom plate (White or Black)
* 120x SMD Diodes
* 2x 20 pin hotswap headers (for Teensy board)
* 3x 2u stabilizers
* Teensy++ 2.0 Controller
* M3 standoffs and screws

Each kit will cost $100 + shipping

Group Buy is running from March 22nd 9am CST - March 28th 11:59pm CST or until all 50 units are sold, after which invoices will be sent out asap. Estimated shipping is end of April 2021.

Shipping will be from Texas and will cost $12 (ConUS) and on a per case basis for outside of ConUS

Here's for the links:
You can check BOP out on my webside here: https://www.fruitykeeb.xyz
GB Form will be live here: https://forms.gle/6PHu4rQrGvTxBReDA
If you want to be notified as soon as the GB goes live, join my Discord server https://discord.gg/8BZuHFt93s

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