GMK / Cherry doubleshot modifier packs (complete?)


21 Apr 2013, 03:17

Thanks to all that fought to try making this happen. Now we will just have to wait for the verdict from GMK if it can be an acceptable amount for them.


21 Apr 2013, 08:55

Just use the shipping money to buy the remaining sets and sell them during production.


21 Apr 2013, 17:06

If I was not able to sell them I would have to cover all that cost which I can't afford to. If I had that kind of spare money I would have covered the remaining quanity to moq myself.

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22 Apr 2013, 02:37

I couldn't increase my order but I hope we would be able to get those keys after all.


23 Apr 2013, 02:19

GREAT NEWS! GMK has agreed to offer a ONE TIME exception for us on the MOQ in interest of fostering an ongoing relationship. However there will be a small price bump on the Esc and CMYK packs in order to do this, which I feel is a fine compromise.
New prices are as follows:
CMYK-set (16pcs.) €27 / $36 (was originally €25.00 / $33.00)
ESC-set (3pcs.) €7 / $9.50 (was originally €6.00 / $8.00)
As you can see there was not a huge price jump, so I hope no one will want to pull out their order over this. I will begin sending out invoices and will be setting the payment due date as 3 May. I hope that will give you all enough time to get your budget in order to make your payments.

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23 Apr 2013, 02:32

I understand the Purple price remains the same. I don't see any problem in having to pay few euros more! :D

By the way I would like to increase the order if it is still possible and there's no problems for doing it. I think i can go with a few more sets of CMYK and Purple. I just found that I can afford it if we have to pay on 3 May.

I'm really excited about these sets.


23 Apr 2013, 02:41

NICE. And the 1€/2€ price increase is tolerable in my opinion. And a fine move from GMK too (considering that this is their first groupbuy).


23 Apr 2013, 04:38

Purple already finished production :o so can not accept any additional orders. Rest of order should finish production within week of payment so there will not be a long wait on receiving your orders like we are often used to.

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23 Apr 2013, 07:46

This is great news!
IvanIvanovich wrote:Purple already finished production :o so can not accept any additional orders.
I don't understand this part, could you explain? Did they make all of them yesterday? Or how could they have known this exactly how many they need?

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23 Apr 2013, 09:20


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23 Apr 2013, 09:23

Good job Ivan, also amazing news about the production!

What with this and the GH60 it's going to be an expensive month, couldn't be happier though :D.

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23 Apr 2013, 09:44

Great! :) I am glad that CMYK made it as well.

Halvar wrote:I don't understand this part, could you explain? Did they make all of them yesterday? Or how could they have known this exactly how many they need?
Maybe GMK was following this thread more closely as expected. :)


23 Apr 2013, 09:49

Ivan you are my hero! You have done the communities a great service by organizing this GB and I thank you for putting in the extra effort to make it happen. The price hike is minor and a fair trade for getting the esc and cmyk and the fact that production is already finished on the purple is amazing news. GMK rocks and you rock :) Thanks!!!

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23 Apr 2013, 14:19

...very good news. The slight price increase should not be a problem. I look forward to the caps. But I'm very surprised GMK already finished the producing of the purple modifiers...!?

Big thanks @IvanIvanovich ;)


23 Apr 2013, 15:29

I think this is a great day!
Thanks to IvanIvanovich to make this happen despite
Purple color
Sherryton monopoly
only modifier pack and not a full set

Hoping next time will be a little more smoother :)


23 Apr 2013, 17:02

I will start sending out the invoices later in the day.

Making orders befor payment is a little unusual, but I guess it is just the way they do things. It is probably a low risk for them typically with large corporate customers.

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23 Apr 2013, 22:09

Well done Ivan, so this has gone right, the road is opened, looking forward for next GMK set......
In the mean time.....I wait for my invoice.....


24 Apr 2013, 04:20

!!!IMPORTANT!!! For any order outside the USA, if you require tracking on your order contact me before paying your invoice so I can add the $12 tracking fee. Thank you.

All USA orders have been invoiced. I will tackle the rest of the international orders tomorrow as it takes longer to look up all the shipping costs.

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24 Apr 2013, 11:30

Good, EU-ISO guys are here waitin' for tomorrow.....

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24 Apr 2013, 13:22

I'd guess that tomorrow when Ivan posted that is today now here in Europe (and in the US too I suppose!)


24 Apr 2013, 15:36

I'm working on it, but I have an 8 hours interruption from getting things done.

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24 Apr 2013, 23:39

I just got your invoice :)



25 Apr 2013, 00:04

Thanks to everyone making prompt payments. Sooner payment finish collecting, sooner I can send money to GMK, sooner they ship out our keycaps. :)

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25 Apr 2013, 00:51

sent you my address earlier

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25 Apr 2013, 06:57

Have you sent out all invoices yet? Because I got none...

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25 Apr 2013, 10:05

rindorbrot wrote:Have you sent out all invoices yet? Because I got none...
Same here, my poor money is condemned to sitting around losing its value.

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25 Apr 2013, 10:30

That was fast, Ivan. I already received my invoice (and paid it). Thanks!

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25 Apr 2013, 11:07

Invoice received - payment done - my Filco waits.......THANKS A LOT IVAN!!!

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25 Apr 2013, 11:46

Havent gotten any invoice yet :D Will pay ASAP

EDIT: Paid!

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25 Apr 2013, 12:21

Got my invoice 10 minutes ago. Pretty early in the day over there in the U.S., isn't it?

Ivan, thanks for all the work you put into this!


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