IBM AT model F

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24 Apr 2014, 23:09

Up for at least one, but how many are available?

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24 Apr 2014, 23:12

Too good to be true...

If it is true, I'm in for 1.

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24 Apr 2014, 23:13

I bet it is just one model F and the others are rubberdomes.
:lol: :shock:

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24 Apr 2014, 23:13

All too plausible, alas.

All three DT founders want these! Crikey.


24 Apr 2014, 23:18

I'm down for one.

I'm also in the US, but I can wait if needed. Plenty of other projects going on. So I'm interested to see how much shipping is and/or if Mu can really proxy/pick them up for us stateside...

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24 Apr 2014, 23:38

Interested in 1


24 Apr 2014, 23:39

I am in for 2 (edited :D)! Never got to try a Model F but I love my Model M : >
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24 Apr 2014, 23:39

Any scenario that involves me taking several heavy metal Model Fs through an airport…

I've tried two Model F ATs in person. They're quite nice. Almost as good as the XT in feel (my XT is extra nice, admittedly…) while almost as well laid out as a Model M; in fact I'd say better if it weren't for that big ass enter!

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24 Apr 2014, 23:50

Muirium wrote:Thanks Jeff. Fingers crossed these are real!
rjrich wrote:would shipping to the USA be problematic and expensive?
Yes. These guys are typically harder to find in Europe than America, too. Although I am going over sometime myself, if you're really patient and there really is plenty of them…

Memories of the Taobao GB of Doooooom come rushing back.
Send details when you can. Thanks.

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25 Apr 2014, 00:59

It seems to good to be true, but in case it isn't count me in for two, please. :)

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25 Apr 2014, 01:09


Getting ahead of myself: If this really is the real deal, should we share shipping to Berlin? But only if this is feasable and cheaper than single shipping.


25 Apr 2014, 02:47

I wouldn't mind to have one.

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25 Apr 2014, 03:34

I'm in for one!


25 Apr 2014, 04:27

I want one, if there are any left.

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25 Apr 2014, 04:27

im in if there is a spot left


25 Apr 2014, 06:30

In for one please!

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25 Apr 2014, 08:58

I would take two.

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25 Apr 2014, 12:28

In for one as well


25 Apr 2014, 16:11

In for one.

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25 Apr 2014, 16:15

It might be easier for this gb to be opt-out :P

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25 Apr 2014, 16:15

Indeed. We're all lining up… waiting for the punchline!

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25 Apr 2014, 18:17

i'm in for one.
I can even go there to buy them as my parents are not far away, so do i :-)


25 Apr 2014, 20:44

I say only one person communicate with the seller, otherwise he might find out they are more valuable than that :D


25 Apr 2014, 20:54

In for one!
/me returns from the dead!

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E TwentyNine

25 Apr 2014, 21:33

If real, in for two...

(lmao @"should be opt-out")

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25 Apr 2014, 22:39

I will take one

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dye hard

26 Apr 2014, 00:45

I'm for one, just in case :)

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26 Apr 2014, 01:03

Why the hell not -- throw me down for one as well!

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26 Apr 2014, 02:16

Crikey. Well, I'll take one!*

* If they really exist, and they are in reasonable condition, and there is one left for me after two pages of dibs, and if the price isn't too much with shipping to the UK.



26 Apr 2014, 09:18

I know, I might be late, but I would take one, if still possible...

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