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05 Aug 2019, 20:05

Thanks @Scarpia. Trying to find another solution now, but I have not found another that does everything I want. It would seem simple, that you want a Keyboard with NMB 2-eyed blacks, click the appropriate filters, and you get back a set of results. Unfortunately, that means using attributes, and while most carts have options, they don't have attributes. Any suggestions, guys?

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07 Aug 2019, 14:44

Most product search pages use a separate search index ‘engine’ for that; the benefit is you get fast and powerful features like complex attribute filters, sorting, live search, freetext fuzzy search, etc. The drawback is one more component to configure and operate (e.g. reindexing nightly or whenever the product catalog changes).

On the plus side, several of the top engines are free to use, and if you want as little fuss as possible you can even choose a low cost Software-as-a-Service solution like Algolia:

If you will be using a cart/ecommerce solution lile Magento or Shopify, Algolia has existing integrations to make it easy:

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