Price Check: How much is my _____ worth?

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15 Jul 2020, 14:28


I'm asking for somebody who wants to sell this board but doesn't know what to ask for.

It's an Acer 6012 with white ALPS SKCM. A little bit dirty, some lettering seems to be showing some wear but otherwise good condition. What do you recommend?
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15 Jul 2020, 15:08

Weezer wrote:
13 Jul 2020, 03:05
csabanw wrote:
13 Jul 2020, 01:13
Hi !

A friend of mine suggest this place for help me. I have an IBM Beam Spring 6580 keyboard in good condition. It's untested, with german layout. Can somebody help me how much it's worth ? I want to sell it on this page. Everything helps. Thank you
Give or take 1K USD
Gosh, it's a good and neat offer on which I want to do the following consideration. How much would rise the final price if this deal went forward considering that the seller is European and the potential buyer bids from USA if I don't go wrong. The point is. Are the customs duties due only to us Europeans or also to our American friends?
My question is just for curiosity sake and don't want to be polemical, of course.
Thanks for answering....

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23 Jul 2020, 16:03

Hey all, I'm wondering what these guys are worth:

- T-ZONE limited edition gold Filco Stealth FKB-92ERG, sold at Macworld Expo Tokyo 1998, 1 of 100 made. A Macintosh ADB keyboard using Alps SKCM White switches, comes with a generic grey ADB cable.


- Akihabara Mac Academy limited edition Filco FKB-97S, sold at Macworld Expo Tokyo 1998. Another Mac ADB keyboard with Alps SKCM White switches. It was likely made in a similar number as the gold Stealth, and comes with the original box and a black ADB cable.


- IBM JX PC 5511 keyboard, with box but missing the foam. Alps SKCL Green switches, I think? They feel so nice that I'd keep the keyboard as my daily driver if I could figure out how to convert it to USB. The keyboard part number is 6454042.



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27 Jul 2020, 18:36

What's a Rebel Red Alert set of caps worth nowadays? I only have the base set with red on white caps.

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