Need "money proxy" for buying on aliexpress// found

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Chasing the Dream

20 Dec 2016, 09:43

I want to buy something on aliexpress, but can't pay because I have only PayPal and my Bank has no online Banking. Can somebody help me and proxy my money with a valid payment method on aliexpress?
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20 Dec 2016, 09:49

A German bank has no online banking?
What are you looking at?
I can try to help but sometimes things from Aliexpress can take 3 months of shipping to Germany. And there were frauds among the listings too, I was refunded from a few purchase because of that. The good thing is there are people on AliExpress actively monitoring these potential fraud accounts.
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Chasing the Dream

20 Dec 2016, 10:10

My Bank has online banking, but don't wanted as I opened my account and now I am not sure I want to change this for one Item. I will pm you, its a 60% case for 40$

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ISO Advocate

20 Dec 2016, 10:20

It's time to get a credit card ...

With a credit card you can get an AliPay account and buy on AliExpress.

Some free bank accounts offer free "Credit" Cards that basically work like an EC card.

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20 Dec 2016, 14:16

If you've got PayPal, you can use one of the many proxying services like bhiner or taobao focus. There is a whole cottage industry for this type of thing

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