Price Check: How much is my _____ worth?


05 Feb 2020, 16:42

How much is an Omnikey Ultra with the original cable worth?

Board is 9/10, but it's yellowed. Very, very clean otherwise. Switches have been opened and given a Chyros "soft clean" (dust housings, sliders, wash click leaves/springs) and are now a 9-9.5/10. Keycaps are also in good shape, but also yellowed, also 9/10. Plate is an 8.5/10, pretty clean but has a few tiny rust dots as do most boards from this era. Has genuine white Alps, not clones. All switches work.

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12 Feb 2020, 18:56

How much is this 50 key without a case worth?

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17 Feb 2020, 15:38

How much is can be worth that Unitron keyboard with Alps SKCL Green switches? Pcb have mx and alps pinouts. Switches are a bit scratchy.
Case is cracked in two spots, i glued it.
Keycaps are pad printed in interesting shape.



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