Found a Dolch PAC 64, anyone wants to split?


09 Jul 2017, 12:29

Hey guys,
found a decently priced Dolch PAC 64 which I'm interested in, but only in the keyboard part. Would anyone here be interested in the computer itself, so we can split up the price (~230€, or 115 each)? It's located in germany and since it's so large shipping even inside EU would probably be risky and expensive, but if doesn't scare you off, we can do that as well.

Kind regards,

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09 Jul 2017, 14:20

Lol xD
I think most people here are interested in the keyboard only also.
If you can't find anyone on DT/GH/Mk perhaps you can ask on the vintage computer forums.


09 Jul 2017, 14:22

Yeah I know most people here would be interested in the keyboard as well, but since we got some collectors of everything vintage here, I figured I might as well ask. Maybe somebody already has one, but isn't happy with the condition or something.

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